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Bpact is an online panel that helps organisations and companies to grow using the insights of correct and clear scientific research.

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Political, social issues, the new TV season or testing media services. If it is relevant and interesting, we’ll ask you. Your opinion makes the difference. With the points you get in return you can support charities.

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Bpact, impacts. We want to positively change the world together with you. How do we do that? For example, we give you the opportunity to support a charity, and we will double your support.


How we work on impact together


Bpact is transparency. As an online panel, we work with unique opinions, data and privacy’-sensitive items every day. Transparency and honesty are our priorities. Of course we completely guarantee your privacy.


How do we realise transparency


We like to make it easy for you, tailored to you. So everyone can participate: you, your neighbours, friends or colleagues. You decide where and when you take part. Do you have an idea to make it better? Let us know. We make improvements based on your feedback.


How do we make it easy for you

As participant you collect points which you can redeem, or you can donate them to charity.

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What is Bpact currently working on?

Quality matters!

2 years ago

During the past few months issues were being raised concerning the quality and relevance of surveys. Looking at some recent examples, by definition, surveys seem to be considered as being ambiguous, rarely providing a correct answer and useless as a tool for making predictions for the future. Is there any point in spending so much attention to conducting surveys? …

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Good research requires good performance

2 years ago

A cooperation between BPACT and the Antwerp Management School (AMS)

Just this week, BPACT and the Antwerp Management School (AMS) signed a letter of intent stating they will work together more closely in the future. Both parties consider the creation, development and optimal operation of a large-scaled online survey panel as a way of combining meaningful research with scientific depth….

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2 years ago

Bpact differs from the existing Belgian panels with its strong focus on impact, transparency, accessibility and quality.

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New Belgian online panel challenges the market

3 years ago

Impact and transparency are drivers of success for brands and authorities

“The market of Belgian online panels faces a challenge: in recent years, consumers have become smarter and stronger. Both the public as well as governments and companies are forced to look for lasting impact and research panels and agencies which evolve with the market.” according to Jo Steyaert.

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Bpact for organisations

Bpact wants to be the most qualitative panel of Belgium.

Opt for quality

By working with Bpact you get insights into how people think or how they feel about you. We do this in several ways. Actively, at your request, or proactively, from within our own community. What is relevant today and what is not? Our panel will tell you. But where do we really make a difference? In our quality. That’s why we work with clear quality parameters and we do fundamental methodological research with leading academics.

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Opt for transparency

Rest assured, our panel and panel approach will be different from what you ever saw in Belgium. But also as a business partner, you get literally another look on your respondents. Do away with the mysterious black box that generates results. You will be able to follow live the process of your list of questions and interaction with our members. You’ll see straight away what works well, which profiles get involved or not or where we have to adjust, with respect for the privacy of our members. In short, you are in charge. We have no secrets.

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Opt for innovation and experience

Bpact brings innovation to the Belgian panel market. Through our collaboration with academics, our advanced technologies, our approach to clients and members, our focus on transparency and quality, and our vision on impact. Moreover, we do this based on more than 20 years of top level experience in online market research and building panels at home and abroad. Experience’-driven innovation is our trademark.

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